Welcome to AIE College!

Envisioned to be a dynamic provider of quality eucation to shape the Nation’s Landmark in the world arena of Information Technology, AIE was founded in 2003. It was primarily institutionalized to reach out to the less privilege but deserving students, and entitle them to acquire high quality computer education with tuition fee scholarship grants. Students will be equipped and exposed to handle industry-based standard and computer-based skills and knowledge.

AIE College was established to equip students with solid Christian values and leadership. Aside from the technologically heavy academic environment, an AIE student will be trained to be responsible professional with deep sense of sensitivity of his person and respect to his fellowmen and live a true Christian Life.


As the Lord God bless AIE to excellence
We stand together by God’s grace forevermore
We fight the battle for our nation’s glory
With education and technology for people

As the Flower Blooms to encanting loveliness
Like an eagle sour to a higher bounty place
Wisdom comes with heart at AIE
Guiding us to our destiny forever

God bless AIE forever!
God bless AIE and each of us forever!

Our CEO/President

Dr. Aveleo Q. Fuentes


Vision, Mission, and Philosophy

The MISSION of AIE is to be a premiere educational institution giving high quality, affordable, computer-centered education, in accordance with the Global Industry needs and the world economy.

To develop competent globally-competetive professionals, skilled workers and entrepreneurs who are God-fearing leaders who will lead nations into greatness for the Glory of God.

A worthy institution of learning must expose its students to global realities and the relevance of God in these challenging times.

Admission Policies

The Admission Office receives and processes all applications and notifies applicants of acceptance or denial. AIE College has the right to refuse to admit or readmit students under certain circumstances who cannot meet the academic and moral standards of the School.

A student’s application for admission will be assessed provided that the applicant submits all academic requirements and possesses all the qualifications prescribed by AIE College, the Technical Education Skills Development Authority (TESDA) and the Commission on Higher Education (CHED)*.
*Applicable on selected campuses only

The basic requirement for eligibility for admission of a student to any educational program or course/training shall be graduation from a secondary level program recognized by the Department of Education (DepEd). Students who have not yet graduated from high school but have completed and passed the Alternative Learning System (ALS), also recognized by DepEd will be favorably considered for admission to tertiary educational program of this Institution.

Enrollment is considereed temporary until all requirements are received by the Registrar. The applicant shall be dropped if said requirements are not received within the applicable Trimester.

Unless officially enrolled, no person may be admitted to any class not approved by the Dean, Registrar and School Director.

General Admission Requirements

  1. Form 138 (Report Card) and Form 137 A
  2. Certificate of Good Moral Character from school previously attended
  3. Photocopy of Birth Certificate
  4. Certification from the High School Pricnipal (For Valedictorian, Salutatorian, and Honorable Mention graduates)
  5. 2 pieces (2×2) pictures, white background
  6. 2 pieces (1×1) pictures, white background
  1. Honorable dismissal and Certificate of Transfer Credentials signe by the Registrar and duly sealed
  2. Certificates of grades for evaluation
  3. Certificate of Good Moral Character signed by the Dean with school seal
  4. 2 pieces (2×2) pictures, white background
  5. 2 pieces (1×1) pictures, white background
  1. Permit to cross enroll from the student’s mother school signed by the Registrar.
  2. 2 pieces (2×2) pictures, white background
  3. 2 pieces (1×1) pictures, white background
  1. Alien Certificate of Registration
  2. Study Permit
  3. Student visa
  4. 2 pieces (2×2) pictures, white background
  5. 2 pieces (1×1) pictures, white background

About HRS course enrolled students are required to have passport.

Enrollment Procedures

  • a. Accomplish enrollment form at the Admission Office. All student applicants will be properly oriented on his/her chosen Course/Training Enrollment procedure, Scholarships, Fees and other important matters prior to enrollment.
  • b. Proceed to the Accounting section for Assessment of School fees.
  • c. Student must proceed to the cashier for payment of School Fees.
  • d. Proceed to the Registrar’s Office for I.D. application, and confirmation of Enrollment and claim of class cards. (Full Down payment is required to claim class card)
  • a. Student goes to the Dean’s/ Program Head’s Office for interview and presents requirements.
  • b. If qualified, assessment of grade will be done by the registrar; care must be taken in the the sequencing of subjects so that there is neither conflict of schedule nor overloading of subjects which will be further approved by the College Dean/ Program Head. The maximum number of units offered per trimester to transferees must be 18 units only.
  • c. Follow steps above procedure for New Student: a, b, c, d.
  • a. Student goes to College Registrar and presents permit to Cross enroll. If subject/s are offered on that particular Trimester, he/she seeks the approval of the Dean.
  • b. Accomplish enrollment form.
  • c. Proceed to Accounting section for Assessment of Fees.
  • d. Student proceeds to cashier for payment of fees.
  • e. Claim class cards at the Registrar.
  • a. Newly evaluated copy of student collegiate record or checklist from the registrar.
  • b. Proceed to the Dean or program head for the prescribed subjects to be enrolled in a particular semester.
  • c. Proceed to Admission office for encoding of subjects and printing of COR and next to the Accounting section for assessment of fees.
  • d. Student must proceed to the Cashier for payment of fees.
  • e. Proceed to the Registrar for confirmation of enrollment and claiming of class cards.
  • Late Enrollment of Students is hereby discouraged, as it invariably affects schedule of classes. As a matter of policy, reasonable fines or late  enrollmnt fee will be charged, the amount is imposed by the Accounting Department.


Class Valedictorian, Salutatorian and top eight Honorable Mention are entitled to full tuition and registration fee exemption. Rates of scholarship available at the Accounting Department.

Terms and Conditions:

  • The Grantee must be enrolled in all required academic subjects for every trimester.
  • No grade lower than 2.5 in any academic subjects, nor incomplete or dropped remarks during the Term; and shall maintain a general weighted average (GWA) of 2.0.
  •  With good moral standing.
  • Accomplish waiver-affidavit for the above mention Scholarship Grant.

This type of scholarship is offered to incoming freshman who will take up Programs on E-commerce, Information Tehcnology, Computer Programming, Computer Hardware, Computer Engineering, Health Care, Hotel and Restaurant Services, Business and Information Management and Bookkeeping. It covers full waiver on tuition and discounts on the other fees. The number of grantees is largely based on the student enrollment population for a given Term.

President’s Scholar must meet the following Conditions:

  • He/she shall obey all the rules and regulations of this academic institution.
  • He/she must NOT incure any failing grades.
  • He/she shall take a minimum of 15 units per trimester.
  • He/she shall not stop studies, nor transfer to any other institutions or incur any lapses of enrollment until he/she completes all the acadaemic requirements of his/her chosen course/training.

Business-related courses/trainings are offered to this type of scholarship. Again, the number of grantees is based largely on the student enrollment population for a given Term. It also covers full waiver on Tuition and Discounts on other fees.

Entrepreneur’s Scholar must meet the following Conditions:

  • He/she shall obey all the rules and regulations of this academic institution.
  • He/she must NOT incur any failing grades.
  • He/she shall take a minimum of 15 units per trimester.
  • He/she shall not stop studies, nor transfer to any other institutions or incur any lapses of enrollment until he/she completes all the academic requirements of his/her chosen course/training.

Deserving students have the chance to be recommended to our benefactors, either through private or government agencies, to whom have made mutual agreement with this Institution. Both parties have the responsibility to respect the intentions stipulated in the Memorandum of Agreement. Good moral standing, no grade below 2.5 should be maintained and no failing grades. Such scholarships are:

  • a. Politician’s Scholarships Grant (Mayor, Councilor, SK, Barangay Captain, etc.)
  • b. PNP/BFP Scholarship Grant
  • c. Church or Pastoral Scholarship Grant
  • d. Private Education System Financial Aide (PESFA)
  • e. Aim Global Scholarship
  • f. Philippines Veterans Administration (PVA)
  • g. OFW Scholarship Grants

Working students (Student Assistants) are not governed by the Minimum Wage Law. This is open to financially deficient, but deserving students and with good moral standing who is willing to render service. Qualified student must secure written consent from parents allowing him/her to become a Student Assistant. He/She will render services for thirty (30) hours/week. The Student Assistant will be given a maximum of 21 units per trimester and must maintain a passing grade for all subjects.

Student Athletes (Varsity Players) enjoy all the benefits of totally free school fees in the entire duration of his course/training. He must consistently render outstanding performance in any sports competition, must be enrolled to a maximum of 15 units per trimester, and must maintain a passing grade for all subjects.

Students who maintain a General Weighted Average of 2.4 (81%) with no grade below 2.5 (80%) every Trimester will receive scholarship discount, rate is available at the Accounting Department.

The student who have successfully passed the Entrance Examination given by the Admission Office will receive an additional discount of Php1,000 every trimester. A student must maintain a GWA of 2.2 (83%) with no grade lower than 2.5 (80%).

Note: Varsity/ Student Employee/ Associate/ Investor/ BOD/ Student Assistant Scholars must have CONTRACT.

Academic Policies

Students should be well oriented with the academic regulations so that they will be responsible in fulfilling all the requirements of their chosen Course/Training. AIE College follows the Curriculum approved by the Commission on Higher Education* and the Technical Education Skills and Development Authority. AIE College operates on a Trimester basis for two-year Courses/ Training. It also offers short Term training, and Degree Programs on selected Campus. 

By definition, one (1) unit is at least sixteen (16) hours in the form of lecture, discussion, seminar, research, recitation and examination or in any combination within a trimester. On (1) unit laboratory is equivalent to at least one hour or, one to two hours a week for fourteen (14) week trimester.

Upon confirmation of Enrollment from the Registrar’s Office, students are permitted to attend to their subjects and must present class cards to each instructor of the subject. Students are required to continue attendance until completion of the term. Registration is not complete until tuition and other fees have been paid in full, or the required fee as to the schedule of payments has been made. No student shall be registered in any subject after 25% of regular class meetings have been held. The prescribed fine shall be imposed in the case of matriculation made outside the regular registration period.

Complete instructions on registration procedure are provided with the schedule of classes issued prior to the start of a given Trimester.

Prompt and regular class attendance is required for the growth of learning and personal development of students. The Policy “NO CLASS CARD, NO ENTRY” is implemented. A class card released by the Registrar serves as admittance pass and should be submitted to the subject adviser immediately. A student must attend class by properly wearing the prescribed uniform with I.D.

As a general rule, a student taking a subject who has been absent for four (4) consecutive times, the Instructor shall forward his class card to the College Dean’s/ Program Head’s Office. If the student fails to claim it after two weeks, it shall be presumed that he has decided to permanently drop out – unofficially from that particular subject. Henceforth, the Dean/ Program Head must report these missing students to the Admission Office and Registrar Department.

Class hours lost by late registration or delay in reporting are considered as absences.

A student who leaves the class after the roll call without permission and does not come back or comes back only at the end of the period is considered absent.

Absences shall be justified by an excuse slip approved by the Dean and to be presented to the instructor prior to schedule of the subject.

Students who cannot attend subjects anymore are strongly advised to officially drop the subject before the midterm exam, otherwise a grade of 5.0 will be reported.

A student with the consent of his/her Instructor and the College Dean/ Prog. Head may add or dropped a subject by filling the prescribed “Adding/Dropping Form” at the Registrar’s Office and pay corresponding fee at Cashier’s office not later than three weeks after the first day of classes. After the scheduled period, changing and dropping of subjects will not be honored; if re-considered a nominal fee will be charged.

If the student wish to drop all his/her subject or change all his/her subject, the student must accomplish dropping/adding form or surrender his/her class card/s to the Registrar (if he/she has not attended any classes yet). Failure to meet the deadline (3 weeks after first day of class) would mean unofficially dropped, which automatically means a grade of 5.0 on the Transcript of Records.

It should also be noted if a student Drops one or all his subject outside the schedule of dropping/changing of subject, he/she is still accountable of all matriculation for the whole trimester.

Secure “Shifting form” from the Registrar’s Office and pay the amount required for Shifting of Courses. The form should be signed by the Dean for approval and be submitted back to the Registrar for confirmation.

A student may be allowed to register to other College or University, or Vice Versa on the following conditions:

  • No student registered in any other institution shall be admitted to AIE College without a written permit from his/her Dean or registrar stating the total number of units for which student is registered and the subject/s he/she is authorized to take in AIE College.
  • An AIE student desiring to cross-enroll in other school should seek approval from the College Dean, stating reasons for such request and school to cross-enroll. 
  • Cross-enrolling is allowed only for irregular graduating students with conflicting time schedules, or when subjects are not offered in AIE College in the present or succeeding term.

Students to transfer to other institution should undergo counseling at the Office of Student Affair (c/0 the Dean of College and the admission Office), when found with valid reason, the student should secure and accomplish Clearance from all the Department of AIE College. He/She must comply with all the conditions set by the school before transferring and must pay the required fee for honorable dismissal, transfer fee and credential.

•NFE – No Final Examinatio

•Incomplete – No final paper or report



The student must fill out a “Completion Form” at the Registrar’s Office and pay a required fee. “Incomplete” or “NFE” grades are given one (1) trimester to complete or this will be automatically converted to failing mark (5.0). If the concerned teacher is not around teaching anymore (either resigned, terminated or on leave), the Dean of College will give the requirements or examination for completion.

There are four Term Exams given every semester: Prelim, Midterm, Semifinals and Finals. Schedule of these exams are not allowed. Not student shall be exempted from any of the examinations, nor an examination be conducted outside the Campus.

NO PERMIT, NO EXAM is strictly implemented every examination period. Students should secure exam and present this to the proctor or Instructor prior to examination.

Instructor are mandated no check each Permit with his/her signature before examination is administered.

HR Department will do the rounds during examination to verify and count the permits. Fines will be imposed to the Instructor who is omitting his duty.

Wearing of I.D and prescribed school uniform should be observed specially during examination.


No student will be allowed to take the Final Examination unless a “Clearance Form” from the Accounting Office has been accomplished before issuance of Final Examination Permit.

A student who missed a scheduled examination either of the following (Prelims, Midterm Exam and Semi Finals) should report this to the Dean and request in writing for a Special Examination: If approved for a valid reasons, an examination maybe given by the concerned faculty member.

Special examination will be taken by students who did not take exam as scheduled by the faculty member. Special exam must be set within two (2) weeks after the term examination, concerned student must secure a special exam permit and must pay the required examination.


However, No special examination will be given after the final examination. Absence from a final exam for any reason other than serious illness or emergency will result in a grade of NFE and with a remark of Incomplete equivalent to 4.0. the student will be given one term (semester) to complete the NFE, otherwise he/ she is given a grade of 5.0 (Failed) for that particular subject if he/she misses to comply in the subject/subjects within the prescribed one term (semester). The student must accomplish “Completion Form” before taking an examination.

Students requesting for the issuance of School Credential must accomplish Clearance from all Department of AIE College requesting the release of such records. Appropriate fees will be charged for each credential.

Records will be held until the obligation, either financial or other obligation to the College is cleared to the satisfaction of the office or department instituting the hold.


Students must file for the following credentials: Certification of Grades, Certificate of Honorable Dismissal, Certificate of Graduation, Official Transcript of Records and Diploma, by appointment and shall wait for15 working days for release. Diploma or Certificate of Title may be granted upon recommendation of the Board of Trustees upon issuance of >O (Special Order) coming from TESDA or CHED.


The College reserves the right to assess new fees or charges as it may deem necessary.

Tuition Fee and other Fees

Tuition, fees and other charges are payable upon registration unless arrangement are made thru terms of payment. All amounts owed to school are obligation of the student. Failure to meet any financial obligation when it becomes due, or to arrange payment after due date is considered sufficient cause for additional charges, or holding of transcript of records.

A brother/ sister can automatically avail of discount privilege of 5% each on the total miscellaneous fee.

All students who have meet all the Academic Conditions for President’s List and Dean’s List will automatically avail discounts on school fees.

Withdrawal of Enrollment is allowed before Prelim Examinations; however charges will be highly dependent on the date filling of withdrawal, to be filed at the Registrar and Accounting Office, irrespective whether the student has attended classes or not. To wit:

Date of filling:

    •  Before the start of classes
Charges – Registration fee and full out fee (P50)

    •  Within the first 3 weeks from the start of class
Full Down payment & Pull out fee (50)

After the Prelim Exam, Payment of the entire tuition fee/ school fees for the entire trimester as reflected in the Certificate of Registration must be paid, Before any credential could be released.



The College reserves the right to assess new fees or charges as it may deem necessary.

Tuition Fee and other Fees

Tuition, fees and other charges are payable upon registration unless arrangement are made thru terms of payment. All amounts owed to school are obligation of the student. Failure to meet any financial obligation when it becomes due, or to arrange payment after due date is considered sufficient cause for additional charges, or holding of transcript of records.


  • Major Exam                                                                   – 40%
  • Quizzes                                                                         – 25%
  • Recitation                                                                     – 15%
  • Assignment/Term Paper/Project                                – 15%
  • Attendance                                                                   – 5%

(Note: Lecture=60%, Laboratory = 40%)


Prelim (20%)+ Midterm (20%)+ Semi Final (30%) + Final(30%) =100%

Faculty members are given on (1) week after final exam period to work on the grades. Grade reports are then submitted to Registrar which comprises: grade sheet in three copies and individual class cards of students per subject.

AIE College follows a numerical equivalency rating:

Numerical Equivalency 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 1.6 1.7 1.8 1.9 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 2.6 2.7 2.8 2.9 3.0 4.0-nfe 4.0-inc UD or 5.0-UD 5.0

Percentile Equivalency

No final Exam (NFE)
Incomplete (INC)
Officially Dropped
Unofficially Dropped


Other Remarks may appear on the Student’s Scholastic Record:

OD (Dropped Officially). A mark given to student who filed an official dropping form before the midterm exam within the Semester.

UD (Unofficially Dropped)- A mark given to students who have not filed an application for dropping or withdrawal from the subject(S) or have incurred absences more than the allowed number in a semester. Unofficially dropped grades are automatically converted to a failing mark 5.0 UD.

NFE (No Final Exam) or 4.0 = is given to students who have not taken the Final Examination. Students are given one automatically be converted to “5.0” or failed after one semester had lapsed.

F (Failure) or 5.0 = A mark given to a student who did not meet the minimum and satisfactory requirements of the subject, accomplishing dropping form.

3. Dean’s List and President’s List

The student must be enrolled to a minimum of 18 units and above, or the required units as per Curriculum and must not incur any Incomplete nor Dropped/Failed subjects within the term to qualify for these Academic Scholarship Discount. Rates are available at the Accounting Office.

Academic Conditions and Discounts:

Presidents List-

a.1. No Grade below 1.8

a.2. General Weighted Average Grade of 1.4

Dean’s List-

b.1 No Grade below 2.0

b.2 General Weighted Average Grade of 1.8

Correction of Grades:

Complaints on grade obtained will not be entertained unless it is discovered that an error has been made. Grades for completed work may not be changed one month after they have been reported to the Registrar’s Office.

Graduation and Graduating Honors:

AIE College confers titles only to student who has satisfactorily completed all the Academic requirements in the Curriculum based from the students’ record in the Registrar’s Office. Student files an application for evaluation of academic credit prior to last term of his/her course, and must receive copy of this evaluation. In case of deficiencies, student should enroll the subject/s on the last term before Graduation.

Graduating students with deficiencies of 6 units and below shall be enrolled on the summer or the last term before Graduation, provided tuition fee will settle.

Graduating students with 7 to 15 units deficiencies may be allowed to join the Graduation ceremony provided a waiver will be executed by the concerned student and their parent. The deficiencies must be enrolled on the succeeding Trimester with evidence of enrollment before Graduation Ceremony.

All graduating students must settle academic and financial accountabilities with the College thru a “Graduation Clearance” – a requirement for the Graduation Ceremony.

For students graduating with honors from non-Degree and Degree courses, the length of which is less than four years. Minimum number of units taken per semester is 15 units. To achieve honors, the minimum residency requirement by students is two years to four years with no lapses (late enrolment, stopped one semester in the prescribed Academic Calendar) depending on the course.

To wit:

               “Summa cum Laude” shall be awarded to any student with at least three to four years of continuous residence, depending on the course, with no grade below 1.8 (87%) and with a weighted average of 1.2 (95%) and above.

                “Magna cum Laude” shall be awarded to any student with at least three to four years of continuous residence, depending on the course, with no grade below 1.8 (87%) and with a weighted average of 1.4 – 1.3 (91-94%).

               “Cum Laude” shall be awarded to any student with at least with at least three to four years of continuous residence, depending on the course, with no grade below 2.2 (83%) and with a weighted average of 1.7-1.5 (88-99%).

“With Distinction”:  shall be awarded to any student with at least two to four years of continuous residence, with no grade below 2.5 (80%) and with a weighted average of 1.8 (87%).

“With Honors” shall be awarded to any student with at least two years of continuous residence, with no grade below 2.2 (83%) and with weighted average of 1.7- 1.5 (88-90%).

Special Awards:

i.                     Students Leadership Award

ii.                   Outstanding Project Award

iii.                 Loyalty Award


The office of the Dean/Program Head (Academic Affairs) and the Admission Office serve to promote the welfare of the students.

These resources provide the latest local and international collection of books, materials for personal research and reading. The E-library offers a more accessible, fast and efficient way to enhance learning.

AIE Campus provides monitor and video player system to enable students to watch movie/video presentations or short film related to the subject.


Each student is entitled to have an internet access usually located in the library which could help students in their academic researches, get in touch with a friend thru e-mail, blog, or any useful activity using the net.

The school maintains guidance services that facilitate three principal functions that include assistance, information and assessment. The College Dean, HR personnel and the Registrar assist students through counseling and placement services, informs students through information campaign and dissemination. Graduating students are taught as they prepare themselves after graduation, and how to land a job.

Student activities, latest updates/trends, pictures are posted on the Bulletin boards which provide added information to the Students. Academic citation and awards are also posted to boost academic competence.

Security guard is employed or commissioned by the College to ensure the safety of the students within the school premises.


Grievances with solid evidences and concerns against any erring teachers, staff or students, or any other areas with grave or serious threats, can be forwarded to Student Affairs Office headed by the Guidance Counselor or in case of smaller campuses, the Dean of College acts on the Student affair concerns with the assistance of Admission office and/or the HR Department, or the School Director.

Upon proper investigation, Disciplinary actions are given to erring students who have violated school rules against person and or property. Degree of disciplinary sanctions are divided into two (2) major categories – 1. Red code violations of offense, which are generally minor offense; and 2. Black Code violations or offense, which are usually serious offense.

Payment shall always be made through the School Cashier. Students are advised never to give payment or money to any teachers, staff or officers. Payments shall only be made to the College Cashier only, and corresponding receipts must be requested. Collection of contribution to any school activity not duly approved by the School Administration is strictly prohibited. Students are strongly advised not to give any money or lend money to any instructors or Staff of the College. Students must report these anomaly/lies at once to the HR Department.

Complaints on grades obtained will not be entertained unless discovered that an error has been made. Evidences must be presented to the grievance committee such as the examination papers, quizzes, etc.

Grades for completed work may not be changed 30 days after they have been reported to the Registrar office. Prompt action is necessary to change the error immediately.

At the end of every trimester, students are asked to objectively rate their Instructor, based on their instructor’s classroom performance. To wit:

  • Competence and knowledge of the Teacher in the subject matter
  • Teaching expertise and methodologies used by the Instructor
  • Attendance and Professionalism of the Instructor

This evaluation is administered by the HR Department to the students before the final examination. This is very important to maintain the quality of teaching staff and academic lectures and advisers of the College. Instructors who grossly fail in the evaluation will not be renewed or terminated.


AIE College is generally small campus which encourage closeness among students, friendship and camaraderie. Small AIE campuses of less than 2000 students are not qualified or allowed to organize supreme student councils, instead, students are encouraged to participate in the organization of their interest or talents, and the like:

  • Information Technology Club
  • E-Commerce or SEO Web Designers Club
  • Nursing Club
  • Short Video / Film making Club or Photography Club
  • English Club or Oratorical Club
  • Drama league or Actors Club
  • Filipino Club
  • Cultural or Dance Sports Club
  • Cheering Squad
  • Singing Glee Club
  • Sports Council
  • Culinary Club or Cooking Club
  • HRM Club
  • Tourism or Tourist Guide Club
  • Accounting Club
  • Junior Management League or Entrepreneurship Club, et.


The above specialized student organization will allow students to be a better person and their personality and talent honed and maximized accordingly.

These organizations however are assigned to help students develop their talents thru their extra-curricular activities and must not in any way conflict and affect their academic studies and schedules.

            Academic excellence is still every student’s priority.

AIE campus of less than 3000 students are not qualified to organize supreme student councils. Moreover, Fraternity organizations, joining fraternities and recruitment is strictly prohibited in this College. Hazing is subject to expulsion. 

Approved AIE Student Activity Calendar

Major Activity:



Mandatory Training Activity:
For HRM students only




Acquaintance Party
Leadership camp
Sport festival
Annual Foundation Day and Field Trip
(Mandatory attendance)
Christmas Party (per block)
Annual E-Commerce Convention
(Mandatory attendance)

Hotel Orientation and Travel
(For 1st yr. student)
SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea)/Basic Safety for 1st and 2nd year students)
Ship Cruise On the Job Training
(For 1st and 2nd year students)

Note: SOLAS and Cruise Ship Training are mandatory

For IT Related courses (For 2nd year Students):

July/August – Internet/Advanced Web Seminar

Only the above mentioned approved AIE Student Activity Calendar stated here is approved by the Administration and students’ attendance are required.

Campus initiated or subject/teacher initiated educational tours and trainings which involved collection of fees, are normally disapproved by the school administration, as AIE have a school wide student activity program approved on a per yearly calendar basis.

            Except on very exceptional cases, proposed student activities must be approved by the administration, or it will be deemed illegal and not sanction by the school.


A coursework Feasibility Study or Software Project, On the Job Training and BPO Training are part of the graduation requirements before an AIE Student can successfully finish their respective courses. HRM Students are required to under SOLAS and Cruise Ship Apprenticeship program.

Feasibility study or Software project is taken on the last academic semester while the Practicum and BPO Training are taken on the last summer prior to graduation.

Feasibility Study or Software project is a 3-unit subject course to be taken on the last academic semester. Instructors handling the subject is usually the Adviser of the research work.

Students are required to defend their research work before a panel of experts on the subject matter. The Dean acts as the Chairman approving and ensuring the quality of the academic work.

Two (2) final book bind copies w/ CD (if software project) of the research work must be submitted to the Registrar. A copy of the research must be submitted to the head office academic affairs, and the another copy must stay in the branch library.

For HRM Students, instead of Research and Feasibility Study, HRM students are required to take SOLAS (Survival of Life at Sea) Training or Basic Safety Training and Ship Cruise Apprenticeship Program.

These activities expose HRM students in the reality of work in the Ship Cruise Industry. At the same time this prepares students who wish to take a career in the Shipping Industry or cruise hotel industry.

Practicum or On the Job Training is a 12 unit course or minimum of 240 hours requirement (for TESA Programs), and a 12 unit course or minimum of 480 hours requirements (for CHED Programs), which must to be enrolled and completed in the last summer schedule prior to graduation.

The College can assist student where they could be placed in companies where the school has Industry tie ups.

However, upon approval of the College Dean, Students may also scout on their own and choose the company for which they could be allowed for apprenticeship.

This is the final portion or capping of all the requirements leading to the Two (2) year Diploma or Degree Program of AIE College.

International Practicum program is in coordination with different Servicon Agency, a trusted national agency (approved by CHED) that sends students in the Philippines to employers in the United States and Singapore for a six (6) months on the job training, with monthly allowance, accommodation and airfare.

Students who passed the interview for US employers or Singapore employers are required to process their travel documents immediately for immediate deployment.

Only upon returning for the International job training, can the student graduate from his/her course, provided he/she completed all the requirements needed for graduation.

All graduating students are required to enroll this 3 units BPO course on the summer prior to Graduation. This subject will be enrolled together with the Summer Practicum subject.

            Upon completion, Diploma for this Call Center Training course can be requested at the Registrar office for a fee.


                AIE College believes that discipline is a form of guidance. The maintenance of high principles with respect to personal conduct is essential to the individual development of character. Every student must respect all personnel, faculty members and administrators. He should take into consideration the welfare of his fellow students.

                In accordance with the ideals of the school, the conduct of the student must conform to conditions that are conductive to learning. A student accepted to study in this institution is expected to know and fully comprehend the contents of the Code of Discipline included in this website.

                All matters pertaining to discipline come under the jurisdiction of the Office of the Student Affairs (Dean, Admission Officer and Registrar). Sanctions or other penalties that may be imposed include dismissal from this institution, suspension, disciplinary probation, or reprimand.


1st Time Offense: Warning

A final warning or reprimand in writing shall be issued to students and their respective parents who commit any of the following violations.

If the offending student is a scholar, he will be stripped of 50% of his/her tuition fee scholarship. Thus he/she has to pay 50% of his tuition fee for the rest of the remaining terms.

  • Smoking in corridors, halls, and classrooms.
  • Tampering and vandalism of bulletin boards; writing or drawing on desk, walls or comfort rooms.
  • Entering the campus under the influence of alcohol.
  • Assaulting or bullying students with serious threats.
  • Fighting in the classroom or within the school premises.
  • Immoral conduct within campus premises.
  • Mutilation or theft of any school properties or library materials.
  • Vandalism or destruction of parts of any equipment and facilities, furniture, vehicles, etc.
  • Engaging in fraternity and/or recruiting students to join fraternities.

2nd Time Offense:

  • Parents will be invited to discuss the case.
  • One (1) week Suspension, and if a student is a Scholar, he/she will be Stripped totally of Scholarship for the incumbent term and for the rest of the remaining term.

3rd Time Offense:

  • Exclusion from the College

2. BLACK CODE OFFENSE: (Very serious offense)

1st Offense:

         Parents will be invited to discuss the case. A final warning or reprimand in writing shall be issued to students and their respective parents who commit any of the following violations. If student is a scholar, he will be stripped totally of his scholarship for the incumbent term and for rest of the remaining terms.

  • Delivering and using prohibited drugs
  • Hazing
  • Engaging, participating, supporting subversion, rebellious action against the college administration and other similar activities.


Students are warned that they must not allow themselves to be used by any rebellious person against the college; or must not support any rebellious teacher or employee or student who have been dismissed by the college for their misbehavior, bad performance and violations.

  • Assaulting a teacher, an officer or person in authority
  • Publishing inflammatory remarks, libelous and subversive documents, etc. Either on printed or the Internet undermining faith on duly constituted authorities, instigating ill-will among students, personnel, faculty and administration.
  • Instigating, leading or participating in concerted activities leading to clashes
  • Gross misconduct of dishonesty

2nd Offense:
        Exclusion or Expulsion from the college
        (Depending on the seriousness of the case)

Procedure for Disciplinary Measure:

1. All complaints must be formally reported in writing to the School Director thru the College Dean and must be signed by the complainant.

2. Officers concerned conduct an investigation and parent/s must be invited to discuss the case, and present the findings and recommendations to AIE Central Office for approval. All parties concerned shall be afforded due process. Decision is final.

3. Student and parent concerned must be invited for the last time to present the decision. A letter of decision/penalty must be signed by both parties.

Definition of Disciplinary Action:

Warning – is a notice to the student that continuation or repetition of specified conduct may be a cause for other disciplinary actions.

Suspension – this entails exclusion from classes, and exclusion from other privileges or activities or from the example as set for in the notice of suspension, for a definite period of time with reinstatement there after dependent, upon showing of observance during the period of suspension of terms as set forth in the notice of suspension.

Exclusion – is a penalty in which the school is allowed to exclude or drop the name of the erring student from the school rolls for being undesirable, and transfer credential is immediately issued upon payment of all fees.

Expulsion – is the highest form of disciplinary penalty that can be bestowed on a student. No other Philippine College or University, public or private, can admit and expelled student. To be valid and effective, the penalty of expulsion requires the approval of the Secretary of Higher Education (CHED) or the Director General of TESDA.

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